e-Cargoware R&D Team off their hatch

Although e-cargoware team was working for more than 5 years in Hibernate mode, it was often a discussion point amongst the Board of Directors and the staff and also on the timing of letting the team operate as e-Cargoware India. With team overwhelmed with workload and more so for the past two years with a number of parallel implementations, new product launches etc, it was pushed to the backburner.

With Narayanan(Link to live@e-Cargoware – Narayanan joins as CTO ) joining us as head of e-Cargoware R&D team in July, the Board have decided that it’s time for e-Cargoware India to operate on its own from 1st August.

With the changes in place, it has added more excitement and motivtation within the team and looking more challenges ahead. We will also be having with us couple of people joining soon in our team. With tight mile stones in place, we’re looking forward for exciting journey ahead.