The fun filled Team!

Words cannot explain the journey and life that we’re having with e-Cargoware. The team has been with this start up from the start and still the excitement and motivation has been rising as the years progress….What more can we say about the life here…

Work is always fun here. Learning is a continous process and every day we walk out satisfied that we’ve learnt something new today. Be it technology, domain, design or any field that we come across we get opportunities to innovate and try it out. Of course it works!

Through the ups and downs, we have never missed any celebrations, functions, festivals, get togethers and we celebrate every occasion that we achieve…Neverthless we never feel like its an office or a work palce….This is place we spend more time than our home.

Its more like a family than a team….very fortunate to be get one like this and to be one among them…I think the new joiners will feel whatever I say….Next time you will hear it from them for sure.

You can be a creator, designer, developer, tester, manager anything but we dont come across hierarchy when we’re here and you dont get this elsewhere.